How to Throw an Online Adoption Shower


846524Baby Shower
I remember the day I showed up at my women’s Bible study group with my newborn son in tow. Most of the women in the group hadn’t even known I was expecting. With no evidence of a physical pregnancy to remind them that I was expecting, they either forgot or ignored the fact.

The “pregnancy” of most pre-adoptive parents goes largely unnoticed and unacknowledged. Friends and family who make a huge deal out of the birth of a baby say, “ho hum” when a child is adopted.

I believe that loved-ones should offer to throw a shower for any new child who joins a family, whether through birth or adoption (and no matter what the child’s age). So when Kimberley, author of The Seventh Diamond blog, told me about the online baby showers she and her blog readers throw for one another, I was intrigued.

Here’s how her online showers work:

  • I have two girlfriends who design blogs and when I host a shower, they make sidebar links to go on people’s blogs to advertise the shower and get the word out. 
  • I have a Saturday Morning Chat Group on my blog, where adoptive moms talk about adoption trends, families who are in China, families who need help fundraising and our personal lives.  I usually announce the showers at the chat group and get the sidebar graphic out to all of the ladies so they can put them on their blogs. 
  • Before you know it, the sidebar graphics are on blogs all over, posting the family the shower is for and the date and linking people back to my blog so they know where the shower is. 
  • My girlfriends design special headers for each shower so I can decorate my blog on shower day.
  • I get a list of wanted items from the parents and ladies come by the blog on the shower day. 
  • We all talk to each other in the comments and people rsvp through comments to get the gift list and to win shower prizes. 

It has been a fun way to celebrate with the families and also a good way to keep the morale up for the waiting women.  It does everyone's heart good to see a child coming home and a family’s dream coming true.