Lifelike Dolls Take the Place of Real Babies for Some Parents

by Laura Christianson

They look and feel like a newborn baby.

But their limbs are vinyl, their glass eyeballs are imported from Germany, and their rosy cheeks are hand-painted.

Women are buying these lifelike “reborn dolls” by the thousands.  That’s right. I said women. Not girls.

Apparently, reborns are taking the place of real babies for some women who have had multiple miscarriages, are infertile, or don’t have the resources to adopt a child.

ABC’s 20/20 quoted one mommy of a reborn doll, who said that her experience with her baby has been “very nurturing, it’s very cathartic.”

Does anyone else find this trend more than a little odd?

I understand the pain of infertility and the frustration of waiting seemingly forever to adopt a child – I’ve lived with it myself. And I understand that “cuddle therapy” can release beneficial endorphins in the brain.

But taking a looks-like-a-real-baby-doll out in public and pretending it’s your real baby? Paying $1,400 for a reborn instead of parenting a real child? That’s just plain creepy.

There are plenty of options for women who long for “baby time.”

  • Rocking sick babies in the hospital
  • Temporary foster parenting of newborns waiting to be adopted
  • Interim babysitting for single parents
  • Volunteering in the church nursery
  • Visiting an orphanage
  • Helping in a teen parenting program

Am I missing a vital perspective here, readers? Help me out; chime in with your opinion!

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