The Top 5 Medications to Bring for Yourself When Traveling Overseas to Adopt

by Laura Christianson

When adoptive parents pack their bags in anticipation of bringing home their child, they always include oodles of items they think their child might need. But don’t forget to toss in the following items for yourself:

  1. An all-purpose prescription antibiotic such as Cypro
  2. Immodium, for diarrhea relief
  3. Sleeping pills
  4. Anti-itch cream
  5. Hemorrhoidal cream for those long plane/bus/taxi rides

If you’re heading to a warm climate, don’t forget to pack sunscreen and sunglasses. And if you’re prone to asthma (even mild asthma), pack an Albuterol inhaler. Tender Western lungs get easily irritated in countries that have more diesel fumes, dust and pollutants than what you’re used to breathing.

Readers who’ve traveled overseas: What critical items did you bring for yourself?