Couple Advertises Their Desire to Adopt on Billboard

by Laura Christianson

A Minnesota couple has posted nearly 90 handmade, 3-foot-by-4-foot billboards across Minnesota and Iowa in hopes that a pregnant woman who’s considering adoption will contact them.

The couple says they’ve tried unsuccessfully for three years to locate a woman willing to place her healthy baby with them, and they had an adoption fall through earlier this year.

Readers: What do you think of this unusual approach? Do you consider it the same–or different–than advertising your desire to adopt in the classified ads or posting your profile on the Internet? Is this going to start a new trend among prospective adoptive parents?

Sources: Channel 4

Here’s a more in-depth followup story about the couple; printed in the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel on June 1, 2007. "Adoption Billboards Raise Ethics Questions" by Brandon Stahl of the Duluth News Tribune.

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Darci June 1, 2007 at 6:27 AM

I am sad for this couple’s desperation, but I don’t think it is an appropriate way to seek out an adoption. It could bring them more harm than good. I wonder how many false responses they will have to sort through before they have a genuine one.
I also doubt that it will become a new trend. I hope not, it is a form of advertisement. I just kind of picture those camgaign size signs hanging on fences- I sympathize with their heart, but I think their means is a little devaluing to adoption and their future child.

Kim June 1, 2007 at 8:36 AM

Any reputable adoption agency is going to tell you that they are are not going to do all the search work for you. The days of waiting by the phone to get a call from your agency that a baby was born and if you want the baby to just come pick up your precious new family member are indeed a couple decades in the past. You do most if not all the searching and they handle the rest. They will encourage you to tell absolutely and I really mean absolutely EVERYBODY you know that you are looking to adopt. They will tell you to advertise your desire in every creative way possible: t-shirts, pencils, business size cards, online internet profiles, holiday time letters/cards, and you can get the idea from there. We were kind of shy ourselves and just stuck with using two adoption profile sites. So, in answer to your inquiry to your readers, yes, I think what this couple is doing is the new trend and is not much different than what is already commonly done. I think it is very empowering to prospective birth parents that prospective adoptive familes have to “sell” themselves to birth parents instead of the other way around these days.

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