Interesting in Adopting a Child with Down Syndrome?

by Laura Christianson

It's so encouraging to know that droves of people are interested in adopting children with Down syndrome. Over the four years this blog has existed, I've received more inquiries about how to adopt (or place for adoption) a child with Down syndrome than any other request.

You'll find a helpful, informative article on Down syndrome adoption in the November 2008 issue of Rainbow Kids e-zine.  You'll read about Shelly and Robert Bedford, who adopted their 4-year-old son from Ukraine, and then another son, from Serbia.

Martha Osborne writes:

The Bedfords are part of a growing trend of families that turn to
intercountry adoption to find a child with Down Syndrome. In prior
generations, mothers were told when they had a baby with Down syndrome
or another disability, 'Put the child in an institution and forget about them,'
today there are long waiting lists in the USA to domestically adopt
children with Down Syndrome. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for
many developing countries, where Down Syndrome is still looked upon
with embarrassment.

The article will introduce you to several agencies that specialize in the adoption of children with Down syndrome. If adopting a child with Down syndrome is on your heart, be sure to read this article!

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